My fingers are frozen and that makes it a little challenging to type this; I am in from training and it was wet and cold.  I would of much rather been snuggled up with the dogs but training needed to be done.  I am entered in the Minnesota Field Trial this weekend down by Bixby, Minnesota; Mini, SoBe, and Miata are entered.  I trained with the usual group in Brandon and lots of good corrections were made; I have to say that SoBe’s ears are a little bit longer.  Mini had 2 flyers; she moved well up the course and worked the wind great, I cast her off and put her in auto pilot….she can find birds like no other dog, she doesn’t need my help.  SoBe had 2 dead birds and 1 flyer; then we worked on her staying steady with a bunch of drills.  She moves up the course FAST and covers the grounds awesome.  Just need to work on her listening and we will be good to go.  Miata is my little bird finder…wow….she is great; pigeons don’t stand a chance against her nose.  I am excited to run her in her 2nd puppy stakes.  I am hoping for a placement; we will see, keep your fingers crossed….I cant cross mine right now they are frozen still….if that is any indication of how cold it was training.  Kahlua is waddling around very pregnant…she has 2 more weeks to go!  Tim is building her a new whelping nest this weekend while I am at the field trial.