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Tim and I took Mini, Kane, Beret, and Mighty out to the field to romp and romp they did!  They had a blast.  Towards the end all I could see was their little brown heads and ears popping up above the grass.  Mini was out hunting for her self; she flushed some pheasants and stayed steady.  Also, here are some pictures from the other day of how dirty they got out in the yard (Beret)…it was raining.  Tim right now is snuggled with Mighty on the couch and earlier today I was able to snap a shot of him and Kane sharing some quality time together.  Kane is Tim’s little boy….. Kane is drawn more towards Tim and Beret towards me….Mighty, I think that we will have a throw down to see who she gravitates towards; she is the perfect snuggler with an amazing run in the field, she also exhibits fantastic bird drive….WOW, what a puppy she is; I could not ask for anything more.  Retrieves were a not so great today with Mighty, Kane, or Beret but, they are still puppies so I cut them some slack.

Beret before her bath Tim and Kane on the couch Mighty with Tim on the couch