All of the puppies are gone that don’t belong to me now.  I took Firecracker to meet Chuck this evening.  I can’t lie, I was in tears when I drove out of the driveway.  She had cried all the way there because she had never been alone in a crate before; she always had the security of her brother and sister.  The house is still full of the rough housing that comes with puppies, but there is one less puppy voice in the mix.  Yes, believe it or not I can tell them all apart.  I know that she will have a friend to be with; Chuck has a puppy as well, so I think they will become great friends.  Tim and I tried to take some pictures with Beret and Kane, but as you know puppies don’t always cooperative….it was a wash ( I look not he best in this picture, but it was a rush to get in the picture BEFORE the timer went off and have all the puppies some what looking at the camera; no small fete).  So, I decided to just use the picture of Tim and I for the homepage of the website that we set up with the tripod and a self timer…not bad if I say so.  Mini, SoBe, and Trixie are out and about in the house and I am headed to bed.  Good night babies, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

crop with mini puppies summer 2009