Colorado Bulldog took the big plane to California today; my house feels a little emptier without him….Kat give him a big hug for me when he gets there.  Tim took Bella to her new family on Labor Day, so my house is becoming more quieter….I have to say I am not a fan.  I love the puppy noises that comes with a house brimming full of energetic rambunctious Springer puppies.  I have to be thankful because I still get to keep 2 of the 5 and I also have Mighty Me who is just a couple weeks older than Mini’s.  Beret, Kane, Mighty and Firecracker did pigeon retrieves in the kitchen.  Beret was especially excited to pick the pigeon up and bring it back to me; she was so proud.  Tim gave all 4 a bath in the big tub; now they all smell clean at least for a little bit.  It is inevitable that they will roll and dig in the dig the second their little paws hit the ground; they are a magnet for dirt and when it rains mud….that is the favorite among them you know.  I am patiently waiting for the girls to come out of heat so I can plan the rest of my field trialing season.  It sounds like I will be training bright and early at 7am on Thursday in Forada; yea!