The weather is still acting like summer….I wish it would cool down.  The dogs always run better when it is cooler out.  You can officially call:  Tyrael, Baker, Ace, and Jimmy, “Patches,” yep, Tim gave them baths and haircuts.  I am protecting the girls from his shaving skills; well at least while I am here, I am not too sure what will happen when I go to school on Monday.  I wish that I was running in the Northern Minnesota field trial this weekend but, I am not because my dogs came into heat.  It always seems to happen at the worst time….field trialing season.  I spend all summer getting them ready and then BAM…..girls all come into heat and then the season is put on hold until they are done (21 days that is for all of you who are counting).  I would like to wish luck to all who are running this weekend; I wish I could be there with you.  I am patiently counting the days until I can join the field trialing “world” again.  For those of  you who run males; you are SOOOO LUCKY!