Getting the girls ready for field trialing season is going well.  Miata is now steady and keeps proving herself in the field.  I am waiting for her run to open up more.  SoBe is tearing up the field; her run is fast and furious.  Chuck is going to run her in 2 Opens in North Dakota.  I am not able to take her because I am in nursing school right now.  I plan on running her Mini, Miata in the local fall trials.  Mini needs to be in better shape so, that is on my list of things to do.  Also on my list is to give Ace, Baker, and Jimmy hair cuts.  Trixie and Kahlua were bred so there will be puppies one way or the other in the next 60 days….it gives me time to rest up.  Trixie was bred to Jimmy(more tri colors perhaps) and Kahlua was bred to Ace again(not my call….but hubby wanted to so….).  My dogs are keeping me busy, and I am excited to continue to add to our family….Kane, Mighty, and Beret.  I will be introducing them to you all soon!