The puppies all did GREAT with their pigeon retrieves today…..A little tear comes to my eye as they ALL picked it up and brought it back with their heads held high.  There are cries of loneliness coming from the dog room; the puppies were all put in individual crates for the night and they are not happy.  6 screaming little voices are drifting up the stairs; it is all I can do not to run down there and free them from their loneliness.  Tim reminds me that they need to learn to sleep alone.  It still pulls at my heart to hear them calling for each other; I know that they will cry themselves to sleep but, tomorrow night will be better.  Mighty had great fun with her pigeon retrieves today; she is a pro.  Time to move her outside for some longer ones.  Mini, SoBe, and Miata all trained in yard work today; need to get them in running shape for the season!