My house is full of puppy noises….I love it!  They romp, scamper, wrestle, and talk all while I do my home wrok…Nothing is more comforting to me.  I know that the noises are going to be cut in half in the near future.  They will be going to their new homes after their eye exam whhich is on Monday, August 31st.  BWhat I need to keep in mind is that I will have 3 of my own puppies that are not going anywhere!  I can have all the noises I want from them.  Mighty slept with Tim and I last night; she is a good sleeper.  She cuddles up by our heads and falls asleep.  Good snuggler.  The puppies had an accident last night but, besides that potty training is going well.  I did retreives with Mighty; fresh pigeon, she did great.  She is going to be a great trial dog…I can’t wait.  I wish that I could fastword the time to 4 months down the road when I can really start working with her in the field and see her potential!