Tim, Aaron, and I took the dogs swimming today at the local lake; Donut Lake.  Miata did buoy retrieves, so did SoBe.  Mini got a variety of land retrieves with water retrieves; I am trying to get her in shape for the field trialing season that is quickly approaching (to fast if you ask me).  A great group of people showed up on Sunday to train in Forada.  It was 5 fun filled hours of Springers doing what they do best……flushing, retrieving, and trailing out birds.  They tore up the field!  It was a great day; the weather was perfect with good wind.  Nothing I would rather be doing than training my poochies with a great group of guys (who tease me but, I am use to it); I have to admit I had it coming…I had my festive socks (aka; my Lucky Socks) socks on display, wearing shorts and all.  Mark and Diesel (Kahlua x Ace) did great at the fun trial….they placed 2nd in puppy stakes and 1st in the Novice…..Way to go Mark!