O my stars the Game Fair was HOT today!  The temperatures reached to the high 80’s to low 90’s.  I wish I would of stayed at home like a bunch of people did today.  The puppies got man handled even if there did seem to be a lull of people today…I can’t blame them; I would want to be sitting in a nice air conditioned house sipping a frozen daiquiri in my skivvies, instead of baking in the sweltering heat.  My dogs at home were in their cool room relaxing all day while I sweated through my shirt.  Tim and I kept the puppies and Mini nice and wet all day ( I wish I could of hosed myself off).  I hope tomorrow is better…. I did wipe the dripping sweat out of my eyes long enough to see some grown Trixie puppies; they turned out great!  It is so exciting for me to see the creations that Trixie and the other dogs make turn into something wonderful that fulfills someones life!