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It looks like a pigeon exploded in my living-room and kitchen but, that is normal for this house. What most people might find gross; we find normal…like when you open the freezer and dead pigeons fall out or, a paper bag in the refrigerator full of feathery training tools (pigeons…again).  Our house is full of them.  Ask anyone who has been here; the “sky rats” are instrumental in training puppies; we start them young!  Bella (White Russian) went right over the the bird and picked it up with her head held high….she was so proud.  Colorado Bulldog was a little hesitant just like Kane (Jack Frost) and Beret(Tahitian Tea) but after a few seconds they were carrying them around too….doing retrieves; how exciting!  Firecracker was a natural; she picked it up and was carrying it around as well.  Mighty (my puppy) did 6 retrieves with the pigeon and then I called it good.