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Here is video of the puppies out in their pen.  They are extemely active but, when I try to sneak up on them with the camera they all come romping to the pen door wanting out.  My new puppy, Mighty, is in the pen with them as well.  She plays with them and I have to say, the little guys hold their own with her.  Tahitian Tea (her name is Beret) chases after Mighty and plays rough. As you can see in the video, they have dug a spot away from the pen and the fence; they are trying to get to mama (Mini) in the big yard.  It is 90 degrees here so, Tim and I have been keeping the babies cool by wetting them down; it works great.  The potty training is going well; only a couple of nights so far have they had an accident!  They sleep in our room in a crate so, we can hear them when they wake up and need to go out.