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After a rocky start to this litter, I am happy to show you all the five puppies we have and, how healthy and rambunctious they are!  There are 2 liver & white males:  Colorado Bulldog and Jack Frost.  The liver & white females are: Firecracker (which she is), White Russian, and Tahitian Tea.  They all have their eyes open and are toddling around.  They are not quite steady on their feet but, in a matter of days they will be trying to climb out of the whelping box.  Tim and I call this our portable litter; Tim scopes them up in a blanket and brings them to where ever we are at the time.  Mini loves it because she has troubles choosing between begining with me or her babies.  She spent most of the time running up and down the stairs so to remedy this we just keep the puppies with us and we are rewarded with a huge smile on Mini’s face!  While I was editing this video she kept running out of the room to make Mini x Amos Puppies Summer 2009; Mini very happysure her babies where ok…..I have to say that I played it one more time than I needed to see if she would figure out that it was the computer not the puppies….she figured it out and sat in front of me with her head titled and ears perked looking at me with her breath held….she then went and plopped down on the futon with a large springer sigh.