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It was 88 degrees in Cyrus so, Tim and I decided to take the puppies out for a swim to cool off.  We loaded them all up in the Jeep and headed down to Glacial Lakes State Park, south of Starbuck, were there is a nice sandy shallow beach.  Tim took the puppies in for a swim; now to their defense the water was very chilly (according to Tim, I sat on the beach and video taped).  They all swam great; they would of wanted to stay and play in the water a little longer if it was not sooooo cold; you can hear their whimpers.  As you can see from the video, after their swim Tim walked up to grab the crate with all little 7 puppies eagerly following him (it looked like a momma duck with her ducklings).  He then put them in the crate and did some fishing while I watched them all snooze; they were exhausted  from their “doggie paddle”.