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Here is some video of the puppies playing with Tim in the kitchen; they are starting to get ruthless.  They were just done with a quick bath.  They are all on the same page when it comes to transportation, that is toting them in and out in the clothes basket.  They all await for the “bus” standing up with waging tails and paws on the edge of the basket.  Then the “bus” stops they all jump out and go into their pen.  They know the drill; I am so proud.  We spend less time chasing renegades these days which is nice.  Potty training is coming along; a few accidents here and there, nothing to complain about.  Tim can lift the gate to the pen and the puppies flood out with a gush; no one wants to be left behind.  They will make the trek from the pen to the door but only a few can conquer all three steps to inside the house.  It will only be a matter or days until all of them master racing up the steps.  The puppies go in for their 6 week shots tomorrow on Tuesday.  I cant believe that they are already that old.  Mini was mad at me and lets just say she let me know it.  SoBe and Trixie went for a swim; SoBe worked on hunt test retrieves.  I worked on steadying drills with Miata; I have to say I am ready to start her out in the field this Wednesday with the group that shows up in Brandon.  Mini, SoBe, and Miata are just about done with their heat cycles; thank goodness, the boys will be less crazy and vocal.  O my stars, it sounds like a trampead in here; Tim just let in ALL the girls.  They have now all found their spots on the couches and are going to watch a movie with us.