Tim with sleeping puppies 6 weeks old, Spring 2009, Kahlua x AceWOW!  They have been growing like weeds the last couple of days and I have to say, that they are all on the same playing field as far as temperament goes.  They are all so active and rambunctious; it is great!  I love to see that they are all on the go and that they have healthy personalities….it is starting to get loud in here.  Mojito the other day climbed up the steps but was a little fearful to let gravity help her down so, she pitched a fit ( it sounded like someone squashed her) until I came to her rescue.  Georgia Tea actually made it up all the stairs and was crying her little head off for someone to come and get her.  They are a little scared to go down but not go up….going down is the easiest part Tim tells them.  Tornado likes to sleep in a little crack between the refrigerator and the wall; he feel safe there, but most of the time he likes to sleep on top of the puppy pile.  We took their portraits today; they are 6 weeks old can you believe it…..o my stars, time goes by fast.  We also along with new pictures weighted them and dewormed them:
Bellini Martini: 4 lb 12 oz
Jagermonster: 4 lb 2 oz
Tornado: 4 lb 6 oz
Southern Belle: 5 lb 5 oz
Mojito: 3 lb 15 oz (she is not that far behind her brothers and sisters)
Georgia Tea: 4 lb 6 oz
Jade: 4 lb 4 oz

As you can see they have grown leaps and bounds and will continue to grow at a steady pace; healthy Tim with puppies; all tuckered out, 6 weeks old, Spring 2009, Kahlua x Acepuppies!  Tim has all the puppies piled on him; they are all tired!  I am going to let them sleep as long as possible; the silence is nice.