Michigan on the road from breeding Mini 2009I headed back to the U.P. (the Upper Penisula of Michigan) to go pick Mini up from her randzevous with Amos.  I am hoping that I brought more than just her back; I hope she has at least 4 passangers aboard.  Amos’s owners took excellent care of my girl and had wonderful hospitality!  Mini was excited to see me and was even more excited to get home; she threw quite the fit when she got into the Michigan scenery on the way home from breeding Mini 2009 house in Cyrus.  Here are some of the pictures from my journey.  Tim and all the dogs were intact when I got back so, I can now breath a sign of relief.  I am not a big fan of leaving my house or my family.NAFC Upcountry's Lighthouse Amos with all his ribbons and trophys