The puppies spent the day outside; the weather was amazing.  The puppies are growing so fast and with gusto!  Kahlua has been dubbed the roaming snack bar by Tim; she will walk around the kitchen with the puppies nursing, it looks like she is pulling water skiers. After they are done eating “on the run” their tummies are so full and round; Tim thinks they look like little pears. They are at the stage right now where EVERYTHING goes in their mouth including my bare toes….OUCH; those teeth are sharp. Tim carried Mojito around in his hoodie pouch for a bit; she was snuggled in and all you could see was her little nose sticking out, she was fast asleep.  I snuggled with Jade while Tim and I watched a movie; I am happy to say that she threw a small temper tantrum when she needed to go potty.  I took her out and she pottied right away and wanted back in and then she crawled up into my arms, plopped down on my chest ( with a large springer sigh) and drifted back into to dreamland were she must have been playing because she was twitching and yipping… must of been an intense play session!  Kahlua crawled into the clean clothes basket which of course had clothes from off of the line in it.  Tim was not so pleased.  Mini is doing great in Michigan and I am excited to have her home!  SoBe and Miata are still in heat so, they are getting anxious to get in some training so am I, I might add.