AmosI took Mini out to Michigan to be bred to the 2005 National Amateur Champion Upcountry’s Lighthouse Amos.  The drive was about 9 hours and some change.  The people who own Amos live in the upper peninsula of Michigan in the middle of the woods.  The drive was nice; I spent most of the drive following Lake Superior’s shore.  The property that Amos’s owners have is amazing; there is over 300 acres of woods and a wonderful training field.  What can I say, but, that I am totally jealous.  The view they Hendrick's Place in the U. P.have from their living room is amazing; the pictures do not due it justice.  I am hoping that when I go back to pick up Mini that the trees will have greened up and, that I will be driving back with more than one dog….hopefully, she has some passengers with her (keeping my fingers crossed but 5 puppies would be great).  I drove out there spent the night and drove back the next day.  I stopped to fill up as much as a I could because there was some long stretches of road with NOTHING but, the trees and some more trees.  I did have a slight anxiety attack when I went over the Superior bridge in Duluth going into Superior, Wisconsin… and bridges don’t mix so well; it is funny because, I use to work on roller coasters so, you would think I would have no problem on something so big and wide but, I do.  Well, here is what I found when I walked into the door; puppies asleep on the couch and one of them IN the couch.  Puppy in couch Spring 2009 Kahlua x Ace