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I am happy to say that when I returned from Michigan the house was standing and all the dogs and puppies were alive.  The puppies spent time inside and outside today, and as you can tell they are starting to develop their own quirks and personalities.  Bellini, Jade, and Jagermonster are still the mellow ones while Southern Belle, Georgia Tea, and Mojito are the active ones.  Tornado fits right in the middle of them all as far being a trouble maker goes.  When I got home the other day Tim informed me that they carrying around the wings and playing with the rattles more consistently now.  They are also starting to get louder…..it will just be a matter of time until I will not be able to hear myself think.  It is exciting to see how they scamper across the kitchen floor with their tales up and waging….not a fearful one in the bunch.  Jade and Tornado snuggled with me while Tim and I watched Rambo; I am happy to report that they slept soundly through all the noise….we even have surround sound.  Southern Belle at the moment is barking at me through the puppy gate from inside the kitchen; she has got some spunk!  Jade is the thinker; she is a smart little girl.  She likes to evaluate the situation before she jumps into it.  Potty training is going good; we take them out on a consistent basis so now when they have to go potty they cry first; Tim and I scramble to get them in the basket and outside as quick as possible when we hear their little whimpers.  Our ears have become quite sensitive to their subtle chirps….they will only get louder now.  Just wait until next week they will sound like someone is beating them to get let out.  They all have the perfect little springer head with the intelligence bump on the back; I know many Lab people who ask to have one implanted on their dog; it might happen with the 2 x 4 some people use to train their big dog…..giggle.  Trust me all you will need with a springer is a big voice and a glare and they will be all yours to comand as you like.