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This video ( it is a little dark because my bathroom is dark) is of the puppies first bath; they were soooo dirty from being outside.  The grass is starting to green up but, there is still a lot of dirt for them to roll around in.  They also manage to roll in their food dish which of course has water in it, then they play and romp and the water acts like glue for the dirt.  Needless to say, the water was very dirty after their bath.
The puppies spent most of the day outside; the weather was nice.  They came in and had their first bath.  They were so cute when they would shake; their whole body sashays from left to right just about to the point where they fall over.  I de-wormed them today as well.  Mojito was feeling up for a climb so, she made it all the way to the third step.  Tim is now convinced to put up the baby gate on the stairway.  Tim was quoted saying Mojito was, “tearing it up today.”  What more needs to be said about the spunky little girl. Bellini Martini and Jagermonster crawled up in Tim’s lap after their bath and snuggled in for the count.  Jade made her way into my lap and crawled up into my shirt to stay warm.  Georgia Tea, Mojito, and Southern Belle all took the opportunity to romp, play, and bite anything with in the reach of their needle sharp teeth.  Tornado spend time chasing Mojito around and then decided to take a break.  They are growing fast; it will just be a matter of time until they start retrieving and carrying around the rattles (the rattles are a little bit bigger than them right now).  I have to make sure not to blink or I will miss everything.  I am getting ready to venture out to the Upper Peninsula (Michigan) to have Mini bred.  I think that it should be an interesting drive with great scenery….I will take pictures.  Tim will be here to hold down the fort while I am gone.