Georgia Tea playing with Tim Spring 2009 Kahlua x AceThe babies are exactly 4 weeks old today and I am eagerly awaiting for them to grow a little more so they are more fun…. They become funner at 5 weeks and so on.  Tim and I played with the puppies for about 20 minutes ( that is all they really last before they are tired) on the kitchen floor with a rattle and pheasant wings.  Southern Belle and Mojito really liked them; Georgia Tea picked up a wing and carried it around.  They all chase the wings when Tim and I taunt them with it; I have to say it is hard to avoid a pheasant wing being waved in your face..  Tornado climbed what must have seemed like Mount Everest to him today; he made it up the first step on the stairs.  He sat there for awhile and then started to cry for help down; after some more time he braved the climb down with a little help from gravity that is.  He Mojito Spring 2009 Kahlua x Acemade a little thud when he hit the floor.  The flooring in the kitchen is relatively new so, the babies had quite the time keeping their legs under them and their paws on the floor; it was like watching them ice skate minus the skates of course.  They seemed not to mind to much as they nursed on Kahlua from their little butts planted on the floor…that anchored them good against the slick floor.  Tim weight the puppies today:
Tornado: 2 lbs 11oz
Jagermonster: 2 lbs 10 oz
Southern Belle: 3 lbs 1oz
Bellini Martini: 3 lbs 1 oz
Georgia Tea: 2 lbs 14 oz
Mojito: 2 lbs 11 oz
Jade: 2 lbs 10 oz

They are growing like weeds!  I think that Tim and I should call Trixie patches; it reflects the quality of her hair cut that Tim gave her.