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4 week old puppies playing after eating….  This video is really just a test to see if we could post videos for everyone to see of the puppies.  They were in the pen playing with Tim when I took it.

The weather was nice and warm today; the high of 88 degrees.  Jagermonster has been labeled the crier after today; I could hear him from outside while I was working on the video in my living room.  Georgia Tea and Southern Belle are the outgoing mischieveious puppies so far; they are always on the go wanting to know ‘what is up’.  Jade and Bellini Martini are the little thinkers. Mojito is the calm perfect little girl so far….she is my favorite so far; I have to admit that will change like 8 times before they are all gone just to let you know.  We left the puppies to play in the kitchen while we went to town and there was only one accident!  Tornado found out that he can stick his head through the chain link fence that boarders one side of the puppy pen…it is so cute; he will stick his head through and then cry for momma who is playing in the big dog yard.  he just wanted to let her know that he can see her and more importantly can SMELL her and wants to eat.  He has a healthy appetite.  He will also let you know what he wants and when he wants it.  My Purina Pro Plan puppy packets came in today with a loud announcement from Trixie and Miata; that poor UPS guy (it is ironic because Miata’s moms name is UPS).  I think that they might just give him a heart attack one of these days.  Tim decided to shave down Trixie and Miata today.  The pile of hair that littered the ground could of covered a full size Labrador.  Trixie is enjoying the new lightness of her hair cut; I swear there is a bigger spring in her step if possible.  I hope that you all enjoy the video; I will be able to capture more as the puppies grow and start to venture out of their shells and they want to ‘wamp’ on each other more…..  I do have to say that they are getting louder; it is starting to echo through the house.