Now, I have all the technical difficulties worked out and can blog; sorry!  The puppies have grown leaps and Puppies eating for first time Spring 2009 (Kahlua x Ace)bounds since the last time I wrote.  They are little escape artist.  Tim decided today to put the whelping box away; they were getting out of it on a consistent basis.  Tornado, Georgia Tea, and Southern Belle were the trouble markers; they would escape as soon as you turn your back after putting them back in the whelping box.  Today was the puppies first day outside; it was a gorgeous day.  We also fed them puppy food soaked in water today for the first time.  As expected they mostly walked through it and drank Trixie & Kahlua Spring Puppies these are not Trixie's puppies!the water but, that is how all puppies start out eating for the first time.  Their little needle sharp teeth are coming in.  We have been having a slight problem the last week or so….Trixie thinks that Kahlua’s puppies are hers and has been trying to nurse them and guards them from Kahlua.  Poor Kahlua comes running to us with fearful eyes that say, “she won’t let me have my babies, HELP!”  Every time we turned around Trixie had herself planted in the whelping box and nothing was going to move her.  Tim had to physically pick her up in his arms and carry her away so Kahlua could nurse.  Well, I think the problem will now subside that there is no whelping box to stake claims for anymore.  As you can see, I put new portraits Southern Belle in Peter's ACU boots before his deployment; Spring 2009 (Kahlua x Ace)up not too long ago and I believe I will need to put some more up in the next few days.  This litter has some outgoing babies; they include: Georgia Tea, Southern Belle (she is the biggest so far) and Bellini Martini.  Those little girls are on the move and they want to check everything out.  Tim laid out in the puppy pen with them today and those were the three puppies that ran to him and played; the others soon followed.  Tornado is a little howler right now; he sits on his little butt, sticks his nose in the air, and howls for his momma.  It is so cute!  The babies are so active; we have started potty training them today and they will sleep in a crate together tonight.  We had a visitor today and the babies ran around in the living room waging their little tails…..I love it.  They scratch and yawn. Their personalities are starting to emerge with great animation.  We put rattles (plastic water bottles with coins or rock in them…they make a lot of noise) down for them in the kitchen so, they could have something to play with and chase.  Tim and I have been taking time everyday to snuggle all the puppies; we bundle them in as close to our hearts as Mike with puppies Spring 2009 (Kahlua x Ace)possible when we are relaxing and the puppies just fall asleep.  They like to be snuggled in, especially, close to a beating heart.  It is a matter of a minute before they are sound asleep twitching and growling in their dreams.  Puppies dream a lot when they are asleep; you watch all of them after their tummies are full and the dream just takes over their whole body: barking, running, growling, twitching…. If it quite comical to watch.  SoBe, Mini, and Miata are all in heat so, that puts a stop for right now on running any field trials.  I am taking Mini out to Michigan to have her bred to the National Amateur Field Champion Upcountry’s Lighthouse Amos.  The gentleman that owns the dog is keeping a male and I am planning on keeping 2 females.  It is going to be so awesome to actually keep a puppy that I have bred; Tim Mike with sleepy puppies Spring 2009 (Kahlua x Ace)always says no…..could you  image how many dogs I would have if he didn’t!  Don’t forget that that ticks are going to be coming out soon now that the fields are greening up so get your Frontline on your dogs soon.  I have also been giving my dogs heartguard…the state bird is about to emerge from its nest soon ( the mosquito)….be prepared!