Well, whoever bet one day for Kahlua taking something big off the counter won.  She grabbed a BOX of cookies and decided to share them with the babies.  They had blue frosting on them….busted Kahlua.  Tornado actually stood today for about 2 seconds. His eyes are still shut so, he did not know exactly which way to topple over but, he did it.  Georgia Tea’s eyes are starting to crack open.  Tim and I ask the puppies if they “can see me yet?”  Their ears are opening up as well.  Tim and I have the puppies in paper shreds in the whelping box now.  We used towels the first week and now paper shreds.  We don’t use newspaper because it turns white puppies into black puppies and we don’t use pine shavings because the wood dust can cause allergy problems for the puppies and people.  Paper shreds work the best because there is no dust or coloration that affects the puppies.  The kitchen floor looks like it snowed paper but, that is why I bought a great vacuum cleaner; it will be working overtime until we start potty training the puppies.  Tim and I decided that we are going to weight the puppies once a week to report their growth and size.