The drive to the trial this morning was icky; there was heavy wet snow on the roads making it difficult to drive faster than 40 mph.  I was second dog dog this morning with SoBe.  The course was covered with heavy wet snow making it difficult for the dogs to make their way through the grass.  SoBe ran her little heart out for me; she gave it her all.  She covered the course and put up a bird; the gunners shot it and I sent her.  She went the distance but did not have the bird.  After I brought her back to me I gave her a “back” and she went right to the spot but still no bird.  As she was coming back my way again she flushed another bird.  She stayed steady on that just fine.  I brought her in and gave her one more “back” she still did not get the bird so, I pulled her.  I was a little frustrated but, as I watched other dogs they too were having problems with retrieves in the snow and cover.  On the way home the girls slept the entire way; I can’t blame them, they worked so hard for me in the trial.  On the way home Tim called me about contacting people about their deposits; I told him what I could remember besides what was wrote down on the deposit slips.  I have to admit I was exhausted and ready for my own bed.  I made a mistake and thank the goodness that Tim was able to correct it before it was uncorrectable…(sorry Mary, I did not mean to make you sad).  I got home and unloaded the girls and they ran right upstairs and plopped into our bed and did not leave the rest of the day. I went into the bathroom and checked over the puppies.  I picked up Southern Belle and she started to talk to me; she had quite a bit to say I might add.  As I watched I realized that they needed to be in the bigger whelping box in the kitchen.  Tim and I moved them into the kitchen whelping box.  Kahlua was not a huge fan of it but, after a little bit she started to relax.  Then she realized that she can now counter surf without anyone really knowing because she in now actually IN the kitchen.  Georgia Tea let out the cutest yawn today.  They are growing so fast.  They are starting to get louder as well; we can hear them in the bedroom with the door shut.  I think that Kahlua is going to take full advantage of being on the front line where all the food action is taking place.  Anyone want to take bets until she takes something big off the counter?