I woke up early to drive down to the field trial today; it is in Bixby, MN.  Tim woke up with me and made coffee as I put the last of my stuff in the car along with 2 very excited girls.  Mini and SoBe knew what was going on…it was field trial time.  They could not wait to get into the car.  I gave all the puppies a quick snuggle and kiss before I headed out the door.  The trial was COLD!  The first went alright for both girls.  Mini and SoBe both had one flier and one fly away bird.  Mini ran her second series today while SoBe will run hers tomorrow (Sunday).  Mini had two fly aways in her second series.  Her last bird was a moving bird and she worked it until she put it up…the gunners missed it.  I was a little bummed out but, that is how the cookie crumbles.  My friend Peter who lives in the area came and watched me and the girls run in the first series.  He got some great pictures…I hope that he will send them my way so, I can share them with you all.  I also got to see Diesel (black & white, male, Kahlua x Ace) puppy at the trial with his owners.  They looked like they were having a great time despite the COLD weather.  Diesel looks so much like Ace and Kahlua.  I am headed to Peter and Laura’s to spend the night; they only live 30 minutes from the trial.  Tim reported that the puppies are all nice and warm in their whelping box in the bathroom.  He also mentioned that they are on the move…they can squirm anywhere now.