Tim weighted the babies today:
Tornado (black & white, male): 1lb 4 oz
Jagermonster (black & white, male): 1lb 4 oz
Georgia Tea (liver & white, female): 1lb 1 oz
Bellini Martini (liver & white, female): 1lb 4 oz
Jade (liver & white, female): 1lb 3 oz
Southern Belle (liver & white, female): 1lb 5 oz
Mojito (liver & white, female): 1 lb 3 oz

Tim would weight the puppies with Kahlua watching and then put them within her reach and she would snatch them up and carry them back to the whelping box in the bathroom.  She did not have far to go so, we were not worried; I followed her the entire time.  I do have to say she can carry them good enough that they don’t cry anymore.  Kahlua feels more comfortable letting the whelping box do more babysitting.  We found her waiting at our bedroom door wanting out to the bathroom.  I also made this conclusion because I found garbage from the kitchen in the whelping box with the puppies….I guess her instincts to rummage for food are back and strong!  Like I mentioned before, she has her pro card in counter surfing.  Tim and I plan on training one more time today before the field trial.  We are headed out to some land that doesn’t have any snow.  I will report later how it goes.  Training went good.  I put out a flier and a dead bird for Mini.  She did good.  She left a little early on the flier so, I did not let her have the retrieve right away.  SoBe had a dead bird, flier, and a dead bird.  The flier did not fly so well, but that can happen with birds in the spring.  Tim and I then went out the eat with some training friends and headed home.  I packed my stuff for the trial and Tim put it in the car for me.  He laughed when I had my blaze orange snow pants in the pile but, I then reminded him that it was suppose to snow….he smiled at me with a we will see look.  I would rather be over prepared then under prepared.