The puppies are healthy and very squirmy.  They can move.  Kahlua just has to lay down and they make their way towards her and, in a hurry I might add.  You might be wondering what music is played for them everyday since they were born, well here is the roster:
Page 47: Trevor Rabin
Cibola: Trevor Rabin
Spirit of Paris: Trevor Rabin
City of Gold: Trevor Rabin
So!: Trevor Rabin
Bunnies: Trevor Rabin
Gabby Shuffle: Trevor Rabin
Franklin’s Tunnel: Trevor Rabin
National Treasure Suite: Trevor Rabin
Treasure: Trevor Rabin
Arrive at the National Archives: Trevor Rabin
Ben: Trevor Rabin
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Tim and I went down to Montgomery to train at Bill’s to prepare for the field trial this weekend in Bixby, MN.  I ran Mini first on a down wind and she did good.  Nice big bites of the course.  She trapped her first bird and the second was a fly away.  I needed to go with her on the second bird so, when she put it up it was a little out of gun range.  SoBe ran nice.  Her first bird was a shot bird which landed on the road so, I hesitated to send her but, Bill told me to send her so, I did.  It was fine.  Then Steve gave her a honor shot, she hupped right away and was looking to me for instructions.  Her second bird ended up being a fly away.  I am glad that I made the trek to train there because up where my normal training group runs is covered in about 7 – 8 inches of snow!  I am hoping the nice weather will melt it fast.  We stopped on the way home and bought a scale so, I could weight the puppies and report their progress to you all who read.