Well, nothing much is going on with the babies.  They are all snuggled up against Kahlua’s udder sleeping soundly with the occasional twitch.  They do protest when she gets up…we can hear them upstairs when she dares to get up for water or food.
I wanted to touch base on the deposit list:  we have 2 black & white males and 5 liver & white females.
It is a first come first serve basis so, here is the list:

J. Queck
Schwappach (originally wanted a Trixie Puppy)
Norby (originally wanted a Trixie Puppy)

This is the first 7 families on the list.  They might choose to pass and take another puppy from a different litter or they might want one from Kahlua this litter; they have the option.  So, don’t worry if you are not on the list, you might be in the next week or so when people start making decisions.  Trixie did not have puppies even though she was bred.