The day started out WHITE!  We had a blizzard with whiteout conditions this morning.  Tim let the dogs out into the blustery weather and we watched them play for a bit until the snow started to accumulate on their coats then Tim let them back into the nice warm dry dog room.  The snowfall did not last long.  It stopped mid morning and I found Tim launching an assault of snowballs from the upstairs window on unsuspecting dogs below.  It was amusing to watch the puzzlement on their faces.  Trixie figured it out after 2 snowballs met their destination on her back; then after the wonderment was gone she started playing catch with Tim and the snow.  Ace spent some quality time with Tim; Tim calls him his lap dog.  He had itchy ears so, we cleaned them out and put some medicine in them.  He enjoys having his ears cleaned out.  Our friend Peter spent some time with us today; he stole a puppy from her cozy nest and it was not more than 60 seconds and Kahlua was sitting anxiously in front of him demanding he give her precious baby back.  He held it for sometime with Kahlua’s hawk like gaze on him.  He then placed the puppy on the floor and we all watched as she scooped Bellini up in her jaws and toted her back to the whelping box; Tim was on her heels to make sure the puppy made it safely back to the bathroom.  The Kahlua with puppies Spring 2009puppies had their pictures taken today; I have to admit that it made Kahlua very worried that her babies where not in the whelping box safe and warm so, we put her with the other dogs while I took pictures. The only thing that must be remembered when taking any sort of pictures of puppies is patience!  After a brief discussion of what I wanted Tim and I had the portraits taken with in 15 minutes.  The puppies spent a little time on the living room floor during the process….they cuddled up next to Peter’s laptop battery….it was very warm.  At this stage of life, they puppies seek warmth and most importantly momma.  Hopefully the snow will melt fast and I will be able to get some training in before the field trial this weekend.  Wow, I have Mini and SoBe out and one of them has some nasty gas……. Make sure to check out the puppies page!