Kahlua will now venture out into the kitchen with the incentive that she might get food….you know the sound of plates and silverware clanging together; that is the universal sound of food and it might be going their way with the help of a little gravity of course.  The puppies are loud and strong.  They can already squirm around in the whelping box in the bathroom.  We are now feeding Kahlua puppy food and the other house regulars seem to think if they wait for her to leave the bathroom they can have their fill….so, Tim and I are keeping a close eye on the traffic in and out of the bathroom.  SoBe I have to day is quite the little sneak; she can go into to stealth mode and before you know Kahlua’s food bowl is empty.  Actually SoBe and Mini would be happier right now if they were IN my lap while I was typing this but, no way, I am not that talented to havce a laptop and a dog in my lap while trying to blog. Tim went and extracted the puppies from the bathroom and placed them in a tote so we could take them to the vet…Kahlua tried very hard to get in with them but, Tim is bigger and faster than her so, she lost that battle and found herself in a crate in the dog room.  If we would of left her out while we were gone she would have DESTROYED the house looking for her puppies; trust me I know this from experience.   The trip to the vet brought us home with 7 puppies with a clean bill of health along with no dew claws and shorter tails.  I can hear their classical music seeping out for under the bathroom door while I am typing this.  Tim and I took SoBe and Mini out to the field down the road and ran them on dead birds.  They both did great and listened very well.  The weather is suppose to take a turn for the worst out in this neck of the woods…..snow.  I am tired of snow, we just got rid of it and now it is coming back.  I am putting up a strong protest but, I don’t think Mother Nature cares all that much.  I am planning on naming and taking individual pictures of the puppies tomorrow and posting them.  Of course in Harvest Hunters fashion the puppies will be named after drinks of alcoholic beverages.  All my other dogs enjoyed the weather today as well.  Trixie and Miata sat on the dog house and looked at the meager flow of traffic coming into Cyrus.  Jimmy and Baker had a grand time doing their laps in the yard chasing each other; I have to add that they have already wore a rut into the ground.  Ace likes to hang out in front of the door and watch us with a goofy grin and Tyrael perched on top of the hill watching his domain like a proud lion on the Serengeti.  SoBe and Mini are my bug fighters….they are very quickly losing the battle against the box elder bugs that seem to find their way into my house.  I hate box elder bugs; they creep me out.  I guess they are a sign that winter will be over soon and spring will shortly follow with a period of endless mud in between.  Remember to get your Frontline ordered; you will be needing it soon!