It was a long night and we made it through it….Tim, Me, Kahlua, and all 7 puppies!  Kahlua is camped out in the bathroom with her babies all nice and warm and snuggled with each other.  Light chirping can be heard through out the house which was a happy soothing sound for Tim and I…all the puppies are happy and have great lungs…no breathing difficulty there.  Kahlua refuses to leave her warm little nook in the bathroom which consists of a whelping box, lots of dry towels, soft classical music, and plenty of warm air (provided by a heater set at 80 degrees).  We have tried to coax her up to go potty and drink water but, she is on lock down.  Tim and I have been checking in on the babies every 1 1/2 hours to make sure all is good.  There are 7 little warm/ healthy puppies that are nursing on her.  She gets a little weary look in her eye when we pick them up to hold and snuggle them…..the smell of puppy is so intoxicating it makes you want to fall asleep all snuggled up in a big warm fluffy blanket in front of a fire; nothing like the smell of new born puppies!  They all have very healthy coats with a great shine to them.  The black little boys look like their coats are made of black volcanic glass (obsidian).  The babies have an appointment on Monday at H & H Vet in Benson to have their tails and dew claws, never mind the vet gives them a good look over to makes sure they are healthy.   Tim and I took Mini and SoBe out to Benson to do a quick training session on live birds.  I need to get them ready for the Minnesota Heartland Trial on April 4th & 5th.  Mini’s 2 birds were both fliers and she did a good job retrieving them; no barking.  SoBe got 2 dead birds and a flier.  We did good with the dead birds and the flier was not so good…I was not watching her when they shot the bird I was watching the bird….number one rule in handling is watch your dog and as a result of me not doing so, she left a nano second to early.  I did not give her the retrieve but, worked her up the field the rest of the way to her next bird which was dead; I then sent her back for the retrieve and she buttoned it.  Tim and I also took Mini, SoBe, and Miata on a walk…. the weather was so wonderful we could not stay inside!