Tim decided that he wanted to let ALL (yes that is 9) dogs in the house tonight to play.  It went well until Baker and Tyrael started to play rough with a rope and then chaos broke out.  I was not pleased; lets just say Tyrael, Baker, ace, and jimmy all went to their respective crates to “cool down”.  The boys are in need of a bath…the weather is warming up which means here comes the mud.  With mud comes the never ending supply of dust that get trapped in their room….it reminds me of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown; clouds of dirt.  I do have to say that I invested in a new vacuum so, I am ready to battle the dirt with my faithful Kenmore.  Trixie and Kahlua are consuming my spot in bed; I am sitting on the stairs typing.  I was not inclined to move them quite yet; that can be a chore with in itself.  All of a sudden 70 lbs of dog turns into 300 lbs of dead weight.  My dogs are very good at playing “I am a sack of potatoes”.  I am now ready to climb into bed; let the workout begin!