Well, I know that I have not written in a while so, here we go…..Kahlua came into heat again so, we bred her again; she had a split heat.  Trixie came into heat finally; we bred her as well.  The puppies are due around the same time and that is about March 27-28.  I know that some of you are every anxious for your puppies and have the “are they born yet fever,” but I can’t control when the girls come into heat so, yes the wait is going to be a little longer.  SoBe is out in Ohio with Ben Martin; he is a pro that wanted to run her; Tim and I decided to take her out there and let her “go to college”.  We miss her dearly and there were lots of tears on the drive home for me but, Ben and Rita are taking FABOULOUS care of her….she might not want to some home.  Trixie, Kahlua, Miata, and Mini all got baths today.  My couch looks like it was left out in the rain.  You can see wet tail marks on the arms were Miata was thumping it with her very wet tail.  Mini played king of the couch with the other girls and won.  No one wanted to challenge her…..she has a very intimidating rumble but, she is all grumble with no bark.  Tim and I had four toys out for them to play with tonight after their baths and wouldn’t you know that the one toy that Mini had Kahlua had to have as well.  They are like kids there are plenty of toys to go around but, they want the one the other dog has….go figure.  Trixie decided to make a nice warm nest out of the blankets in the office.  She then got up when they were wet and made another nest in some pillows….musical nests.   She is now very fluffy and dry in our bed with me looking at me with smiling eyes; Mini is also snuggled next to me as well; I might add she is under the covers.   The weather is warming up and the snow is melting; almost time to start training in the field again on live birds!