OK….so, who do I yell at, the dog or my husband.  Tim has a tendency to get the dogs all excited; I think it is part of recovery in the winter months…I would say it is cabin fever.  The other day I bought goodies for the dos which included 3 cans of brand new tennis balls.  Tennis balls are Trixie’s addiction.  She smells one and has to have it at all costs…the problem is that this drive proves to be great entertainment for my husband.  It is not that I don’t want him to play with her; it is that I want my house to be in one piece when he is done; never mind the barking is kicked up another 10 decibels and it rings in my ear.  Tim will take a tennis ball show it to Trixie and then go put it in a place that is not out of her reach but, she has to work at it all the while barking a higher octave than normal all the while with him crying tears of laughter.  Then when this is no longer fun he starts throwing them in the house.  Now, let me remind you that I just got a new kitchen floor and it is slick.  So, when she charges full drive after the oh so wanted tennis ball she crashes into the wall, or the counters, or even ME!  This is all great entertainment for Tim; he just keeps teasing her and laughing and laughing….so, I did what any sane woman would do; I hide the cans of tennis balls.  They will make their way out of Christmas but not a day sooner!  Tim helped me the other day assemble a training table in the basement for some much needed table work for Miata and Kahlua.  They did great the first sessions.  Today they did even better.  The progress is remarkable.  I am hoping that the transition from the table into the field is smooth with no hitches.  We got another 5 inches of snow so, the hope of finding my buoy that the snow swallowed becomes less of a chance….I think I will have to wait until spring.  I do have a tendency to lose buoys in the snow during the winter months….note: use green or blaze orange; yellow does NOT show through the snow!