Ok, I have two dogs laying on my legs right now and they are heavy…hold on!  Well, I have unsuccessfully tried to move Trixie and Mini off of my legs.  My dogs are VERY good at playing “I am a sack of potatoes” and I don’t want you to move me.  It can get a little frustrating; especially when you want them just to move a little.  Mini is a pain to move….I know that she only weights like 32 pounds but, when she does not want to get up and move it feels like I am trying to move a 80 pound bag of potatoes.  I guess I could be like Tim and just push them off the bed; they hit the floor with a thud, not a fan of that method of moving them so, I struggle to move them with a little less noise (plus my method is easier on the floor boards).  Tim got the girls all riled up today….he was having them play hard in the living room while Andy and I watched and laughed.  He just kept teasing them with their toys all while sitting in his big comfy chair.  Who needs TV when you have live entertainment?  I did giggle when Miata jumped in his lap and got him in the family “jewels”.  Baker and Jimmy spent the afternoon out with us then Tyrael and Mini.  Ace was out tonight and snuggled next to Tim on the couch.  He likes to lay his head upside down and look at me.  He wears the goofiest grin when he does that; his smiling eyes twinkle at me when he does that.  He is hard not to smile and giggle at…what a goof ball.  Still waiting for Trixie and Kahlua to be ready to bred…..I am geting impatient! According to the schedule SoBe gets to be out for a while tomorrow.  I am hoping to put up a training table tomorrow for Miata and do some work outside with the other girls.  Good night all!