According to Tim’s dog schedule Tyrael and Baker should be out and they are along with Mini (of course).  I finally got the car started today with the help of my friend Andy.  It has been very cold here and vehicles not starting due to cold is the norm.  The weather today was nicer….24 degrees so, the dogs spent a little bit more time out in the yard romping and digging in the snow.  It never fails that when I get Trixie all clean, the first thing she has to do is go roll in the only piece of dirt in our snow covered yard….I was a little irritated.  SO much for a clean dog!  Ace, Baker, Miata, and Tyrael enjoy eating snow.  Miata, Kahlua, and SoBe play “tag” out in yard and tackle each other and then all I see is a big puff of white crystals floating down from the air.  I do have to mention that when they are cold and ready to come in they stand at the door and claw and scratch and if that does not get our attention they slam into it with their body weight….I guess you could say they are knocking.  Trixie is still driving me crazy…so hormonal.  I cant wait until she gets bred; she loves being pregnant and even more she loves being a mother (well at least for the first two weeks). Kahlua and Trixie are suppose to be ready to bred today but, they say otherwise….the boys will just have to wait and I guess so will I.  Mini, Miata, and SoBe all went out with me today to do some yard work.  I mean it was above zero and not snowing what more could I ask for?  Mini did good with her retrieves…I threw a frozen pheasant.  No barking.  SoBe had fun retrieving today.  She did not seem to mind the cold like Mini does.  SoBe will go until she falls over.  Miata had an ugly training day.  I was not at all pleased with her; I know that every time is not going to go picture perfect.  I got a frustrated and put her away.  You should never train when you are frustrated.  She just did not want to retrieve to hand today…it could of been the pheasant (her first time with one) or that it was frozen and awkward but, either way I was not happy with her performance.  I am building a training table in the basement that will hopefully help with some of this minor delivery stuff.  The holidays are nearing and I love that I get cards from Harvest Hunter Families with pictures….I love it!  Tim is recovering some days (I am learning and, so is he) are better than others.  We take each day at a time.