Trixie is driving me insane…she is so hormonal now that she is in heat.  She sits in her crate and grumbles and moans at first it was loud but, then I but a bark collar on her.  She is a smart poochie because she learned how load she could moan with out getting zapped.  The moaning was just load enough for me to hear and drive me up the wall.  She cant be out all the time because she is in heat and nothing I did seemed satisfy her so, I gave up went upstairs and, turned the TV on to drowned out her groaning.  Tim has been keeping track of the dogs time in the house with a schedule to make sure everyone has the same amount of time out of their crates.  It was -14 degrees today so, the poochies were not spending a whole lot of time outside.  When they were outside they came back in with white circles around their little eyes and noses.  COLD!!  We have had lots of snow the last couple days.  It started to snow again today so, I decided to do some outside work before it turned into another blizzard.  I lost my yellow buoy in the snow when I was working with Miata.  I do have to day that we looked for a while but, no luck.  So, Miata and I played Red light green light.  This helps the steadying process.  She stopped right away when I hupped her and came when I called her in….she did great!  I decided that I would throw frozen birds for Mini and SoBe so, they would have a chance of finding them if they sunk into the snow.  SoBe had a blast running through the snow but, it was still was work.  She got a good cardio work out.  Mini on the other had came out made one retrieve and cried that her feet hurt.  She picked up her front paw and back paw and cried…..sensitive feet.  So, after three throws I brought her in.  I will have to put dog booties on her the next time we go out.  With the house on lock down, due to Kahlua and Trixie being in heat, it has been musical poochies keeping everyone in the right area.  Mini and SoBe are sleeping with us tonight.  Remember dogs that are outside poochies need more calories to burn to keep them warm during the winter months.  So, if this is your dog you will need to increase their food portion so, they get the right amount of calories.