Well, the weather outside is horrible; there is a blizzard and it is negative 9 degrees out.  The weather was great yesterday while we trained in Brandon.  Mini did good; no barking and I sent her on a long retrieve that was acrossed the road and she made it!  SoBe found her birds and did not get a shot bird but her listening is getting a lot better.  Miata is in the process of being steadied and it is going great.  She is catching on fast…what a dog!  Tim is healing from his major hip surgery…it has been a little bumpy but not to bad.  We have been rotating the dogs in and out of the house.  Mini and Trixie are out with us right now and Ace, Tyrael, SoBe, and Kahlua were out earlier today.  The girls were out and destroyed a bebe….a stuffed animal.  We have tons of them through out the house.  Retrievers love to carry things around in their mouth so, we keep plenty of stuffed animals around for them so, they are not carrying off our shoes.  There is onlya head left of the teddy bear.  The girls are going to be bred tomorrow hopefully!  They are in season right now.  I hope all is well.  Remember it is dry out in the winter so make sure the poochies have plenty of water!