I woke up today with Trixie snoring and Kahlua in the office laying on the futon with all four of her paws in the air.  I think that she might need a pedicure.  Tim let all the poochies out and fed them.  Trixie, Baker, SoBe, Ace, and Jimmy were out all day with us in the office.  I had to fight for space on the futon but, I won because I can pick them up and toss them out of my way; their best defense against this is to sit on my head. I took SoBe out with frozen pheasants and gave her retrieves to help with her hard mouth.  She did well.  I took Mini on a walk with the collar on to work on her heeling better.  She did great and had it figured out by the end of the block. I also did the same with SoBe and she picked it up fast as well.  I don’t like when I am walking them out to the line in a feild trial and they pull my arms off so, that is why I am doing the drill now.  Tim brushed Ace out and trimmed his hair…..Ace loved it.  I brushed Mini and SoBe’s hair out as well.   Mini and SoBe are out right now sleeping next to me in the office as I am writing.  The look so innocent when they are sleeping but, when they open their eyesthey have that Springer twinkle that lets me know I need to constantly be on my toes.