Well, as I write SoBe and Mini are pitching fits in their crates because they are not with me.  I am feeding Mac and Cheese to Tyrael, Trixie, and Kahlua off of a fork….it is irritating Tim and we just got back from training in Brandon…..wow…lots going on!  I took SoBe, Mini, and Miata out to Brandon today to train in the field on live birds.  Mini did good.  She trapped her second bird and the first bird ran off and was no where to be found…no dog found it.  She did not make a peep.  I then at the end of the session gave her retrieves with the buoy launcher and she still did not bark on the retrieves so, I am happy.  SoBe did a good job of patterning the field and had good finds.  She was however a little rough on a bird so, she is getting frozen bird retrieves until the trial on Saturday (I am going to Illinois on Friday).  Miata did a good job covering the field and running like a big dog.  She found her birds well and had two good retrieves.  The antics of the dogs keep Tim and I on our feet and a spring in our step knowing that anything could happen at our house with 9 springers.  I vacuumed and washed crates today…it is never ending but, o well.  I treat my babies as I would want to be treated.  I look over my shoulder and Trixie, Tyrael, and Kahlua have taken over the futon here in the office.  They all have happy eyes.  Tim is a little irritated that they will not move out of his way; he wants to sit on the futon but, the battle continues for space.  Keep training and remember don’t train when you are frustrated.