I decided to write again today.  The boys were out with us until bed time.  Ace, Jimmy, Baker, Tyrael all piled on the futon while Tim and I watched a movie in the office.  We took Mini, SoBe, and Miata out to the field to train.  It went well.  Tim shot buoys for me while I handled the girls.  Mini is learning not to bark on the retrieve.  SoBe is doing good on marking ong retrieves as well as get backs.  Miata is chasing well and is learning to go a little farther for the retrieves.  Tim went back to the car and I quartered Miata by myself in the field walking into the wind.  She is really getting it…..how exciting.  I am about to start the process of steadying her.  While I was on my walk Tim reported to me that the boys were being boys.  I guess that they were drinking out of my coffee cup and trying to eat my dinner that was waiting for me.  Tim also said that Jimmy constantly tried to climb in his lap while he was on the computer along with Ace sitting in the office chair next to him giving him his goofy stare.  Ace likes to sit in the other office chair to be next to you but, sometimes it is creepy to have him leaning in to you breathing in your ear at face level staring at you….it is like he is waiting for you to make your next move.  Baker slept with us….he is a good sleeper. Tim is having hip surgery on the 3rd of December and will be out of commission for 4-6 months…O BOY!