I am home!!!!  I traveled from Minnesota to Southwest Wisconsin back to Minnesota all in 72 hours.  SoBe did a good job in the two field trials.  SoBe and I are starting to click and build a relationship out in the field while I am running her in a trial.  I know that she is young and I will have to be patient.  Chuck says all the time to me, “Progression, not Perfection.”  It is hard not to get frustrated when it is perfection that wins field trials but, we are progressing as a team and that is what matters right now. We made it through the first and the second series just fine.  I got home and my babies welcomed me with wagging tails and smiling faces.  Yesterday the weather was so icky were so, Tim and I just hanged out with the dogs in the office watching movies and playing games.  Mini, SoBe, Trixie, and Jimmy and were piled on the folded out futon and lounged the day away.  We gave all the poochies smoked bones from the butcher and they loved them.  They all spent hours enjoying them; I always feel guilty when the weather is bad and they spend more time in their crates…..I don’t want them to be bored so, we try to give them things to do.  We let them out and rotate them along with treats and play time in the house.  I am getting excited to run Mini in Illinois. I have not run her in a while so, it should be fun and interesting.  See, I already have a great bond with Mini in the field; her and I click very well together, she trusts me and I trust her.  Always trust your dog!!!  They know what they need to do and have the abilities to get the job done!  Go with your dog; you would be surprised on how often they are right!  I am hoping to get out and train a couple times on live birds before I travel with Tim to the trial in Illinois.  I have to say a huge thank you to my friends that helped me out this weekend with providing me a place to sleep and wonderful meals to eat.  Thank you Pat & Chuck along with Peter & Laura.  I appreciate you opening your home to me and SoBe!  Keep up the pheasant hunting…corn is coming down at a slower pace than it did last year so…..be patient!  That rooster will come.