The weather was nice today until it started to rain.  Trixie, Mini, Miata, and SoBe were in today with us running around.  Tim scheduled his hip surgery today at the orthopedist.  Miata has learned to jump the fence so, we put a radio collar on her but, she has also managed to find the one little hole in the fence to jump over so….I really don’t know what to do.  Tim turned the radius of the fence up hoping that would help but, it did not.  She is a very smart little girl!  I would not think that a poochie that small could jump over the fence but, she can.  SoBe once again got caught IN the food bin.  Tim once again chased her up the stairs and she came running to me for protection….I let Tim get her and put her in a crate (normally I cottle her when Tim tries to discipline her).  Mini and SoBe got retrieves with the buoy launcher.  I used Mini’s new technique to correct her barking and it worked great, she only barked once on a retrieve.  SoBe had good retrieves with great speed so, I was happy.  Just as I finished up with training it started to rain; perfect timing!  I am going out to the field to train tomorrow with a guy from Garfield; it should prove to be fun and useful.  The girls are coming out of heat so, that will be nice for the rest of the household.  I hope hunting is good for you all; remember pheasant hunting will improve as soon as the corn comes down.