Aaron and Mini going across the Mississippi River; Itasca State Park, Oct 2008Wow, we have been busy!  Tim and I took my little brother along with Mini, SoBe, and Miata up north to Baudette for early antler less deer season.  We stopped along the way and let the girls play in the Mississippi river at Itasca State Park.  Aaron and Tim took Mini, SoBe, and Miata across the headwaters Aaron, Tim, Mini, SoBe, Miata playing in the Headwaters of the Mississippi River; Itasca State Parkof the river.  They all had lots of fun.  Tim shot a deer.  We trained up at the cabin with the girls.  I am preparing for the upcoming field trials; Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I am patiently awaiting my dogs to come out of heat…very day is a little better.  I trained Mini today; Tim and I worked on her barking and used a new technique that a professional suggested to me….I think that it worked; we will have to see when I get her on live birds tomorrow.  SoBe get retrieves; she did good.  Miata did a bunch of Tim and Miata at Itasca State Park Oct 2008retrieves as well with the buoy launcher; we also did a little collar work with her, she responded well.  SoBe and Mini have been in the house most of the time while the boys and other girls are outside….lock down.  SoBe decided today to help her self to the dog food in the  “dog food room.”  Tim caught her standing in the bin, no, not just reaching into it, standing in it, eating her little hearts content.  Tim and SoBe Headwaters of Mississippi Oct 2008She did run to me for protection as Tim chased her up the stairs.  Trixie, Baker, Ace, Jimmy, Tyrael, and Kahlua all got baths today.  I have more wet towels than dry ones.  Miata spent most of the day with Tim and I while we did some organization in the office.  She was a good little girl.  I am going to go train in Brandon tomorrow with Mini, SoBe, and Miata.  I hope also to train on Wednesday before I leave for Wisconsin.  Remember the water might be to cold for the puppies to want to swim in.  Yes, if a puppy starts to show interest in the field on a scent it is getting birdie….be patient and TRUST YOUR DOG!