I spent the day with a numerous amount of dogs in and out of my company.  Tim was trying to make me feel a little better; I was under the weather again.  He first brought up the boys: Ace, Baker, Jimmy, and Tyrael.  Tyrael and Ace stayed on opposite sides of the bed not to irritate each other.  The boys snuggled for a while but, like all boys they got restless and wanted out.  Baker found a water bottle under the bed; which I found cute because all I could see was his tail wagging in the air as he reached for his object under the bed…Tim asked him if he was digging for gold; Baker answered with a smile and a water bottle in his mouth.  Tim then brought up SoBe and Mini; they watched a movie with me, actually they watched Harry Potter with me.  After 2 movies they wanted out for a drink of water; how do I know that?  The big clue was that I had a glass of water on the bedside table and they drank it all.  I reached over for the glass and found it empty with the unmistakable sign of dog slobber.  I looked at them and they looked at me with eyes that pleaded it be released from their thirst so; I sent them to Tim and he took care of it.  I took SoBe and Mini out to the field and did some training.  The moon was out and the stars where on their way out.  I trained in the moon light in the still of the night; no wind.  The lack of wind made it difficult for the dogs to scent.  Mini did some barking which is the death of her in a field trials.  SoBe had some difficulty with her retrieves; it was getting dark and with no wind she struggled.  The launcher made a hollow sound over the field that echoed…sometimes I wish I could wear that smell of gunpowder and night training as perfume.  I came back and Trixie and Kahlua watched some TV with Tim and I.  Kahlua was a little restless; after discouraging her to counter surf and some hollow threats she decided to settle down on the couch.  I then realized that my leg room had been cut in half by slumbering dogs. Trixie and Kahlua had taken over the couch (how can such small poochies take up some much room?) so, I decided to go to bed.  Trixie and Kahlua joined me; they snuggled in and were snoring before I could fall asleep.  I plan to train tomorrow in Forada with our training group; I am bringing SoBe, Mini, and Miata.  I find it funny that Tim and I have been able to relax with no puppy chores and now he wants a puppy of his own; he admits he has the dreaded puppy fever…..o boy!