The house is quite and the weather is horrible; it is raining non stop and the dogs are restless.  Tim and I have been putting them in and out as the weather clears here and there.  The boys were in for some of the day and Mini and SoBe have been with us the rest of the day.  SoBe and Mini are a little irritated with me; they have been couped up in their crate for the last week or so because they are in heat.  They keep giving me these glares through the crate door.  All the dogs are a little testy because the house goes on lock down when some one is in heat.  I took SoBe and Mini out for some training while the rain was on a break in the field down the road.  Mini started her barking again like always when she gets a fresh batch of hormones.  SoBe did good.  I gave them retrieves with the buoy launcher.  The wind was strong so, it made scenting great; they buttoned all of the retrieves.  I took Miata out and gave her some throws with the dummy; she did good, she brought it right back.  The challenge has been her coming strait back with it.  I am hoping to run SoBe in the Wisconsin and Minnesota field trials that are coming up.  I hope that she is out of heat by then; according to the calendar she should be ok.