As I typed the title for this new post it dawned on me that it is no longer summer; it is fall.  My favorite time of year.  The harvest has begun and the pheasants are abundant.  My house has an eerie silence to it; all my puppies are gone off to their new families.  I am sorry to say that I have empty nest syndrome.  To all the new families that have welcomed a Harvest Hunters Springer remember a few things:  their shots are due October 12 or 13th, Puppy toys don’t have to be expensive, give them a water bottle with pennies in it (it will entertain them for hours), NO SQUEAK TOYS (this gives them a hard mouth), continue with the retrieves that I have started, and last but not least,CONSISTANCY is the key to a fabulous dog.  Dogs are a reflection of their owner/ handler.
Field Trialing season is underway.  The first 2 trials went well.  I am now patiently awaiting for Mini and SoBe to come out of heat.  I can’t run them when they are in heat.  I trained today in the rain; actually it was quite relaxing.  I gave them retrieves and worked on get backs.  Both girls also got lots of exercise; they worked up some wild birds.  The other dogs are enjoying the bones that Tim picked up from the butcher in Starbuck.