I apologize for not writing in about a week….I have been laid up in bed sick trying to feel better.  When I was not in bed I was out training dogs getting ready for the field trial season to start.  Tim has been wonderful; he has been taking care of the dogs and the puppies.  Actually, Tim has become the puppies personal chauffeur.  He totes them everywhere.  He takes them outside to go potty; he brings them in when they are done.  He caters to their every need.  They are very vocal about what they want and if they want it, they want it now!  Their little voices have become very insistent.   I love the little barks and yips that fill and echo through the house; it is very comforting to me to hear all the racket…it means everyone is healthy and energetic.  The puppies all got some more water time again this week; they all spent time in the tub playing and splashing.  Tim and I did brave the shark infested waters of the kitchen with the furry “chompers” the other day.  We sat on the floor and let the puppies crawl all over us.  They seemed mostly interested in chewing and biting our feet but, Tim and I put a stop to that with some “no biting” exercises.  It worked great and after the session they all stopped chomping on us and wanted to play with us.  They also played with pheasant wings and did some retrieves.  The babies are getting so big; they are almost ready to go to their new families.  They all went to the vets today and, they are all healthy.  All got a great bill of healthy.  The vet thought they all looked great and of course cute.  The puppies go all night with out accidents and are doing great with the potty training……especially crate training.  Trixie and Jimmy both received hair cuts from Tim while I was in bed.  He shaved them short; they look naked, I asked why he shaved them so short and he said he was bored….ok.  Mini and SoBe have been out in the field a bunch this week on live birds.  SoBe ran her first brace and it went a little rough but, she made it though it.  The next one she ran she did good.  Mini is back out in the field; her foot is healed from her surgery, just in time I might add.  She has been doing great in the field.  She definitely is excited to get back to training….she is soooo funny.  The first field trial is this weekend, Sept 13 & 14.  It is in Pequot Lakes, MN at Hunts Point.  I have a bunch of pictures that I am going to add later to this post.  I am tired and not feeling well so, I am going to go before I feel any worse.  Take Care.